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Business Growth

For those with a mindset of high growth, who are determined to grow swiftly and strategically, we at Woods Squared can deliver advisory support that will help you grow and scale your business.

Woods Squared also provide access to finance support, so you can reach the funding you need to grow your business as quickly as possible.

The Process



  • A practical, successful growth strategy
  • Funding and finance
  • Investment and cash flow
  • Innovation opportunities
  • Maximising your people and team

First, we’ll carry out a business performance review and identify areas where you can improve your performance.

Together we’ll monitor the key drivers of your business in real time and identify any areas that require attention.

To help gain a deeper understanding of how you can grow, we’ll analyse your business’ historical data in light of current opportunities.

Using the results of your business performance review, your identified key drivers, and historical data, we’ll help you plan the year ahead – so you are confident of the future

Your review reports and regular monthly meetings can help you discover opportunities that could dramatically improve the success of your business.