Changes are coming to the National Minimum Wage in all brackets with minimum wage rates rising by at least 30p per hour for all brackets over the age of 18. The current National Minimum Wage will still apply until the 31st March 2018 and the change will come into force on the 1st April 2018.

The movement of the new wages are as follows:

25+: £7.50 moving up to £7.83

21 – 24: £7.05 moving up to £7.38

18 – 20: £5.60 moving up to £5.90

16 – 17: £4.05 moving up to £4.20

Apprentices rate: £3.50 moving up to £3.70

Please note there are some exceptions to the National Minimum Wage but paying less than minimum wage is illegal and can result in paying the employee(s) in arrears along with a fine for not abiding by the National Minimum Wage.

AutoEnrolment contributions will also increase with minimum employer contributions rising to 2% from 1% and minimum employee contributions rising from 1% to 3% starting from April 6 2018

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