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Here the impact we have on our clients is profound. And it’s so thrilling and at the same time humbling to see our clients doing things they simply have not been able to do for years with the chronic pain they had completely eradicated from their bodies. But as great as that impact is, we make sure our impact goes even further

Our Leveraged Impacts

Going even further

We’ve always wanted to make sure that we express our gratitude for all the wonderful things in our lives. And now, thanks to our Lifetime Partnership in the Global Giving Initiative B1G1: Business for Good, we make sure that happens. Every time we see a client, we make sure that something great happens in our world.

Summer BBQ & Quiz 2018

Our 10th annual BBQ & Quiz went fantastically this year. We had close to 100 attendees and raised a fantastic £2905 (£3092.50 including gift aid) all for Stick n’ Step. Thank you to everyone who attended and got involved.
A huge thanks goes out to everyone who helped make the event what is was – Funky Sunflower for dressing the room which was awesome as always, Les Mcgrath Photography for being the paparazzi on the door, Take the Cake Productions for putting together a video of the night for us and Nick who did the quiz meaning that we could play too!

just giving final total
BBQ 2018 auction table
brazil quiz champs