16 November 2018

Xerocon 2018

Xerocon 2018 is in the books and it was certainly an excellent experience – some great speakers, an amazing venue and enough delegates to make any other industry jealous of such a large event. Xerocon started on Wednesday 14 November and lasted 2 days, it had 75 exhibitors with Xero app partners and other software […]

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6 November 2018

Can Co-working spaces work for you?

Co-working spaces were once the preserve of freelancers and creative types. Now medium to large sized businesses are getting in on the act too. The modern workplace is evolving. First we had flexible working. Then we had remote working. Now we are seeing an increased demand for co-working spaces – workspaces which are shared by […]

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30 October 2018

Budget 2018

Phillip Hammond has delivered the Budget and promises that the end of austerity took center stage along with some brighter forecasts. What did it all mean for the business owner though? We have looked through the information and here is a summary of the Budget that will affect businesses: Business Rates Reform It has been […]

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16 October 2018

Reducing stress in the workplace makes your people more productive

Employee stress is a problem for all businesses (and all employees). Stress naturally occurs in the workplace. When left unchecked, it can wreak havoc on employee health and productivity. Relationships Relationships can make or break a work environment. When people don’t get along and don’t know how to communicate effectively, it can create a lingering […]

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16 October 2018

Mindful Management

Being an effective manager requires a strong work ethic and the ability to guide those on your team to work toward success. Taking a more mindful approach to managing your team can help you to bring out the best in people. Mindfulness can be defined as a “psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences […]

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15 August 2018

Protect Yourself and Your Data – Proactive Steps for Living Safely in the Digital Age

These days your personal data is everywhere, and that information is valuable to marketers, hackers and everyone in between. If you want to prevent the unauthorized use of your personal information, you need to take a proactive approach to protecting yourself and your identity. You can no longer afford to be blasé about your data […]

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1 August 2018

5 Ways Blockchain Technology Will Change the World and Transform the Future

The excitement surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was hard to miss. As the price of these alternative forms of payment rose sharply, dropped back to earth, rose again and then fell back once again, more and more people were paying close attention. And while some had predicted the crash in the cryptocurrency market, few people […]

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27 July 2018

Summer BBQ & Quiz 2018

What an awesome evening that was! We couldn’t have hoped for much better weather, the food was great and the new and improved quizmasters made the evening fly by! The night was all in aid of Stick ‘n’ Step, a charity that supports young children with cerebral palsy, we are pleased to announce that we […]

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24 July 2018

Similarities and differences between a bookkeeper and an accountant

They both work with financial data; they’re both essential for managing a successful business. Yet the roles and duties of a bookkeeper and accountant rarely overlap. If you’re like   – and whether you should go to an accountancy practice, hire one or hire both. A large and well established company will be able to acquire […]

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4 July 2018

Digital Marketing Strategy

Over the last 10 years or so, marketing has moved more towards digital, thanks to the prevalence of fast wifi connections, smartphones, social media and data analysis. In today’s hyper-connected world every business should have a digital marketing strategy. Most businesses tend to utilise digital marketing channels, however many businesses don’t have an actual digital […]

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