Our Team

Find out more about the team at Woods Squared, the people behind the numbers.

Alan Woods


Alter Ego: Batman

What I can do for you: Connect you with other businesses and identify opportunities to help you achieve your goals

Chat to me: alan@woods-squared.co.uk

My Bling: FCCA

Likes: Liverpool FC, reading sport and business autobiographies, spending time with friends

Dislikes: Pushy salesmen, rhubarb, reality TV shows

Favourite Film: Con Air

Something you might not expect: I once shaved my head, arms and legs for charity.



Tracy Woods

Operations Director

Alter Ego: Marilyn Monroe

What I can do for you: Monitor your deadlines and coordinate the workload so you don’t have to worry about penalties

Chat to me: tracy@woods-squared.co.uk

My Bling: FCCA

Likes: Musical theatre, eating out at fabulous restaurants, watching Home and Away

Dislikes: Being rushed, mushrooms, Jim Carrey films

Favourite Place: Sydney, Australia

Something you might not expect: I would have loved to have been a professional dancer.

Chrissie Alty

Client Manager

Alter Ego: Tinkerbell

What I can do for you: Provide clients with reliable and informative financial statements and advise on company results whether that be monthly, quarterly or annually. Calculate tax in the most efficient way for personal and corporate clients.

Chat to me: chrissie@woods-squared.co.uk

Likes: Cooking, 1920’s era, Everton, Holidays & Downton Abbey

Dislikes: Garden peas and being cold

Favourite Film: Anything with Leonardo DiCaprio or Johnny Dep

Favourite Cocktail: Gin & Tonic

Favourite Hobby: Cooking & day trips to anywhere #RoadTrip!



Karen Chambers

Accounts Professional

Alter Ego: Black Widow

What I can help you with: Accounts preparation and bookkeeping 

Chat to me: Karen@woods-squared.co.uk 

Likes: Going to the gym, watching sport and 80’s music

Dislikes: Being late and having my photo taken

Favourite Film: Dirty Dancing

Favourite Hobby: Swimming

Favourite Drink: Bacardi & diet coke

Something you might not expect: I am a triathlete

Jack Martin

Accounts Professional

Alter Ego: Maximus Decimus Meridius

What I can do for you: All things cloud including bookkeeping and preparing accounts

Chat to me: jack@woods-squared.co.uk

My Bling: AAT

Likes: Socialising with friends, Everton Football Club, watching and playing sports

Dislikes: Mayonnaise, cold weather, cold callers

Favourite Film: Gladiator

Something you might not expect: I dont drink any hot drinks at all



Leigh Watson

Cleint Service Co-ordinator

Alter Ego: Thumbelina

What I can do for you: Bookkeeping, vat returns, cis returns

Chat to me: leigh@woods-squared.co.uk

Likes: Michael Jackson, cheese, holidays, unicorns

Dislikes: Horror films, rain, tomatoes

Favourite Film: The Bodyguard

Favourite Hobby: Spending time with family & friends

Thom Gough

Payroll Co-ordinator

Alter Ego: Steven Gerrard

What I can do for you: Manage the payroll for your business and help you in making the most of technology

Chat to me: Thom@woods-squared.co.uk

Likes: Pizza, dogs, cruises

Dislikes: Mushrooms, Reality TV

Favourite Film: The Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Hobby: Playing golf, spending time with family

Favorite Drink: Tea on a good day, Sauvignon Blanc after a bad one!

Eye Colour: Blue

Something you might not expect: I eat on a similar level to something you’d see on Man vs Food



Dan Booth

Marketing Professional

Alter Ego: Shaggy

What I can do for you: Increase your online presence

Chat to me: dan@woods-squared.co.uk

Likes: Sailing, Formula 1, Gaming and Tech

Dislikes: Slow traffic and queues

Favourite Film: Cars

Favourite Hobby: Sailing

Something you might not expect: I have competed in a European paintball event and finished 2nd