If you’ve set up a shiny new business and you could use some funding to help you get properly up and running, we can help. The key is to be realistic, and committed.

Start by taking our short online diagnostic and we’ll help you explore your real options.

If you’re looking to buy items of equipment, or there are specific purchases which would fulfill your business wish list, we can help you finance that particular purchase or transaction.

In this case an asset finance or invoice finance solution might be appropriate – but start with our diagnostic to find out.

You may not be looking for anything specific, but you’re simply looking to grow and could benefit from cash flow assistance. This would enable you to invest in different areas such as IT, improvements, people, and marketing.

Start with this short online diagnostic so we can identify what’s available. You may even discover a source of funding within your own business – read on below.


Traditional bank or debt lending

The recession hit businesses and banks alike, but things are not as bad as they once were. Banks will lend to a profitable strong business with a strong case, and particularly in the Northwest we have access to alternative funds which are there to lend when your bank says no.

A combination funding option

Some financing options provide you with debt funding as well as purchasing equity in your business. This hybrid approach involves giving up some equity in exchange for capital during the initial formation of your business, and seeking a loan as it grows (or vice versa).

This is a higher risk option with a higher rate of return.

Is crowdfunding your best option?

There are more and more websites popping up to offer this type of solution. If you’re going to consider crowdfunding, it’s critical to know which sites are available, what restrictions exist in terms of business type, age, or size, and other considerations.

Unique funding options for startup businesses

For those who have just gotten started, or are just considering it, knowing your startup funding options can be critical to success.

The key is to be realistic about what’s expected from you, and committed to success. No one gives away free money expecting nothing in return – and if this venture is to succeed, you’ll want to see it through to the end.

Is there funding in your own back pocket?

Many businesses have access to a level of finance they didn't even realise was possible – through the normal daily debts owed to you by your customers.

Rather than simply waiting for this cash to appear when your customers are ready, we can help you make simple changes that will revolutionise your debt collection, and insert an immediate injection of cash – at little to no cost to you.

Our Fees


We offer three fee options for your financing, depending on the position your business is currently in


“Just take care of everything, from start to finish.”

When you have ideas, plans, hopes, and dreams, but you haven’t formalised any of this, we’ll help with your funding process from start to finish.

Fee: 7.5% +VAT of funding secured

(Remember, you only pay if we access appropriate funding for you.)


“I’ve got a business plan already – I just need a little support.”

When you have already spent time preparing a detailed business plan and forecasting, we’ll review what you have and help direct you.

Fee: 5% +VAT of funding secured

(Depending on your plan, you may need our ‘Start to Finish’ option)


“Help me arrange and manage funding meetings.”

When everything is in place and all you need is to meet with the right people, we’ll arrange the meetings, help with application forms, and be in on funding meetings for advice and support.

Fee: 2% +VAT of funding secured

(Depending on your documentation, you may need our ‘Business Plan Support’ option)

What people say

  • “ Because we had the right information, at the beginning, meant the request was agreed on its first submission with virtually no pre-conditions being set by our underwriters. Many thanks for your help with this application. ”

    Dave Jones, Business Manager at NatWest

    “We worked with Alan for 3 months and he was truly inspirational and probably one of the most forward looking accountant we have ever met. He was very open in sharing his experiences, things which worked and in particular what didn’t work. This saved us huge amount of time and money by having someone as ‘go to’ person for every advice. I highly recommend Alan to anyone either considering starting an accounting practice or a start-up. Worth every penny!”

    Jehan Anis, SAW Accountants
  • “ They are always available and ever helpful, and this means a lot to people like myself who often feel very isolated trying to run a Company. If my experience is anything to go by, I guarantee that they will provide for you a wonderful service and take some of the very heavy burden you have in your business. ”

    Mike Campbell, Siteguard UK Limited
  • “ They have sought to understand our firms business and our directors have all commented that we have never before been audited so thoroughly and efficiently. Woods Squared work to tight deadlines with a very professional and proactive team. ”

    Tim Haley BA FCA, City Build Manchester Limited

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